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Finally... A Resource Created to Help Timeshare Owners

 Newton Group Transfers, the nation’s #1 trusted timeshare exit company, has released an updated and easy-to-read guide to help timeshare owners safely and effectively navigate the timeshare exit process.

The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit provides readers with the needed information to exit a timeshare safely and efficiently, eliminating countless hours of research and protecting a timeshare owner from future financial loss. Some topics contained in this Guide are: 

  • Why a 100% Money-Back Guarantee May Not Protect You
  • Why a Company Having “Attorneys on Staff” May Not Protect You
  • How to Find a Trusted Timeshare Exit Company
  • Using Lawyers versus Timeshare Exit Companies
  • RED FLAGS to watch out for in the process
  • How to Spot Common Timeshare Exit Scams
  • Why You Can't Sell Your Timeshare (It May Shock You!)

The Guide also contains a checklist for consumers to use when evaluating timeshare exit companies and attorneys and/or law firms to work with, as well as a list of red flags that might be a sign you’re working with a fraudulent company. 

Don’t wait. Download The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit today to save your time, money, and sanity today.

The company (that defrauded me) went to painstaking great lengths to appear to be completely legitimate, which is how I fell into that trap… Had I known, based on the information I learned in the ‘Consumer’s Guide,’ the layers of verification to vet this company, I would have easily discovered they weren’t who they said they were.”

~ Eduardo L. 

Thank you Gordon. We received it, read through it, and found it incredibly helpful. As a result we did our own research and some checking with the Better Business Bureau that prevented us from engaging with an unscrupulous company. I appreciate your generosity in creating and sharing this information. Much gratitude!

~ Gilda S.

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